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Speedy Collision Speedy Collision

If you are filing an insurance claim, Preferred Collion & Glass is your best choice. We work with SGI and other insurers every day.

If you are paying for your repairs yourself, we help our customers by presenting alternatives to save them money.


What are the differences between Insurance class A and Elective repairs?

Speedy Collision

Collision Repair Options

Speedy Collision

What are your Choices?
  • To repair or replace
  • To use Original Equipment, Aftermarket or Recycled Parts (Salvage)
  • To have parts and trim removed or masked for refinishing
  • To Refinishing Procedures

Spot Repair

Spot repair or overall painting? Speedy Collision

There is nothing better than your car's original finish.

So if you have one or two damaged area's it's best to consider spot repair.
  • Spot painting requires a much greater degree of precision than overall painting.
  • Preparing the area and matching colours to adjacent panels requires considerable more time than simply painting the panels.
  • The highest quality materials are used throughout the process.
You should know that in some cases repainting and painting a couple panels could cost more than painting an entire car. Still, it's the smart decision because the process leaves most of your car's original finish intact. With spot repair, you car will look perfect while retaining it's original showroom shine-and it's value!

Best bodyshop practices for less!

How do we give you such great value? Maaco has the size and purchasing power to save you money versus traditional bodyshops. Plus, our time-tested production systems make the process more efficient.

The following are the steps we follow for an absolutely 'seamless' repair.


Speedy Collision The repaired area and adjacent panel(s) are chemically cleaned and block sanded to prepare and absolutely smooth and consistent surface painting.

Trim Removal

Speedy Collision Trim, like door handles and other accessories are removed to ensure that no paint gets on the chrome, glass, rubber or plastic areas. In addition, Maaco completely masks the rest of your car to protect it from paint and chemicals.

Quality Paint

Speedy Collision Maaco uses high-quality paint that has been approved by original equipment manufacturers to repair and match a car's factory finish. This is the same paint specified by dealers.

Painting Process

Speedy Collision Painting requires more than one application to ensure a seamless blending of the old and new finishes. It often involves multiple layers of paint being spread gradually beyond the original repair area and on to adjacent panels.

After the base coat is applied, we put on a clear coat to restore the gloss and depth of image of the original paint. The extra step makes the surface more durable against the sun's UV rays and is the best way to match a car's factory look. The clear coat is applied in layers that extend beyond the base coat to create a seamless appearance.

Colour Sand & Polish

Speedy Collision Finally, if necessary we sand the painted area with super fine sandpaper and polish it to match your car's original appearance. Your car has now been repaired to look and perform exactly as it did before the accident.

Speedy Collision


We have the choices that are right for you.

Speedy Collision

We offer different paint choices to meet your needs and budget. Whether it is for personal use or a Fleet of vehicles for your business.

From a factory like base / clear coat to an economical quality finish.

With consideration given to appearance, colour and effects. Also maintenance, durability, longevity and cost/value.

Painting Options
  • Pre Paint process
  • Body Repair
  • Surface repair
  • Sealers
  • Spot Painting

Speedy Collision

Speedy Collision


Speedy Collision

Why does your car look so dull and lifeless?

There are many enemies of paint - in fact, nature is incredibly hard on a car's surface. Chances are, that's why you're considering having your car painted.

The sun is paint's #1 enemy. UV rays cause discolouration, cracking and gloss reduction. Humidity, acid rain, salt, extreme hot and cold all take their toll as well. Add in the sand, gavel, dirt and grime that assault your car on the road and it's amazing your paint job has lasted so well for so long.

The good news is that Speedy Collision has an overall paint service designed to meet your needs and the elements your car will face. Our hi-tech processes and quality materials will keep your car looking beautiful for years.

Prep can be just as important as paint.

The overall look and durability of your new finish depends as much on proper surface preparation as it does on the actual paint itself. The Maaco system is based on using your car's existing finish as a base for new paint. In many cases it provides an excellent substrate; however there are instances when your car will need extra attention before new paint can be applied.

Dent Repair

Speedy Collision Sometimes, before we can paint your car, we have to get the body back in shape. Our experienced technicians carefully fix dents, dings, scrapes and other imperfections and prepare the surface before painting.

Old Porous Paint

Speedy Collision It is imperative to seal an old and pours paint surface so the new paint won't soak in, causing uneven colour and gloss. Speedy Collision's special primer/sealers provide a virtually impenetrable surface for great paint adhesion.


Speedy Collision After a few years in the sun, many auto finishes begin to crack. Cracks often look like dull sports that make the finish look "old" and can be hard to see with the naked eye. Cracks must be treated or they will spread and cause the metal below to rust and put. To repair the cracking and ensure it doesn't return, the affected areas must be stripped down to the bare metal before painting.


Speedy Collision After a few years, UV rays may have caused the factory clear coat finish on your car to break up, pock or peel. Again, to ensure proper paint adhesion and a smooth, glossy appearance, the peeling later must be stripped down to the bare metal. Like rust and cracking, once delamination has begun it will get worse unless treated.

Chips & Scratches

Speedy Collision Unfortunately, painting over chips and scratches will often intensify the problem. Chips and scratches must be machine sanded and featheredged before repainting so they don't show through. This is needed to make the new surface look smooth and glossy.


Speedy Collision Rust must be repaired or it will get worse and ruin the paint surface. For rust that is just on the surface, we grind it down to the bare metal, etch it to remove and microscopic traces, then fill in the repaired area. Rust that has broken through has actually come from inside the panel. We must cut the rust out and patch the panel, in many cases by welding in a new piece of steel.

Speedy Collision


Speedy Collision Speedy Collision Speedy Collision Speedy Collision
  • Windshield repair
  • Windshield replacement
    • Using industry standards and Approved Insurer suppliers
    • PGW, Crystal Glass and Vanfax
  • Automotive Glass
    • Broken windows, whether side door, vent, or back windows, we can replace them all.
  • Aquapel windshield treatment
    • For safer driving and piece of mind

Speedy Collision

Speedy Collision


  • Performance
    • Durable Non-skid surface
    • Chemically Resistant
    • Prevents and Protects from Rust
    • Lifetime Warranty
  • Versitile
    • Not sensitive to moisture/humidity
    • Smooth to aggressive surface your choice
  • Safety
    • Non slip applications
    • Safe for the Environment
Speedy Collision